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Once the fire trucks are there and the chainsaws come out it is NOT a good boat day.

That's right jam that hose in there I think you might have left something intact.

This is before they cut the hole in the side.

Things are going hot in there.

Its just sort of depressing. Right?

Not the cockpit too?!?!

Engines are fine. :/

Where are the gas tanks on this thing?

Sucking Gas and hauling ass indeed.

Good shot of the side and the freshly chainsawn access hole.

Its really crispy in there.

In the fire shots you can see the flames shooting out of this hole. You can also see some deep delamination and blistering.

The only things that are not fire, water, and smoke damaged were thrown in after the fire was out.


You can see the heat blisters and other damage all over the top deck.

The cockpit is a total loss.

Seats, controls, gauges, all destroyed.

you can see right thru the deck into the bilge.

Is that steering wheel ok? Not below the dash it aint.

no bueno. Mucho destructo. :(

Another gratuitous faces of death shot.

It looked good. Once.

One last look... :'(