Joe's Boats


Port side at seahorse plastics laying on the ground.

Bow eye is fine! Some keel damage as expected.

Starboard side is ok. There is some digital distortion on the image at the rear. The water edge is a nice smooth curve in the real world.

Better view of the water edge without the digital dramatics at the back anyway. The front has the issue in this image. Do pixels melt?

Chain saw hole gone with a little photoshop. Not in real life though. :(

View up top.

Board over the FD's chain sawed access point.

Finally in her new resting spot. Again some digital issues. The lower gunnel id fine. This image is very distorted. When I find the original I will trash this one. This trailer belongs to seahorse marine. They were not really happy about delivering. :o

More digital crazing. :(

Starboard side

side shot with digital distortion.

The gunnel is taller than this. More digital crazing. Ugh.

Here is a side shot that appears to be digital distortion free for the most part. You get some idea of size based on the SUV.