Joe's Boats


Rough Cut

Starting the glue up

That's a lot of router lines

Cut cut cut

Start Routing! [whip cracks]

Getting Deeper

Done roughing out the curves

Done roughing from the front

Starting to finish the curves.

Starting to look like something now.

Glued up finished ready for sand and sealing. :)

Definitely work to do here.

You can see the end of the transition from curved to straight just above the grind marks.

This was inside the MDF :/ Approximately 20mm!!

First thin coat of epoxy to seal cured and some minor fairing.

Spots at the end of the transition needing more help.

Second coat of epoxy curing. Not... 3:1 means 3:1 not some new math crap. :(

Still the second coat of epoxy Curing. This coat was actually mis mixed and never cured. The MDF mold swelled up and was out of shape after trying to fix. This was a setback in time and money. :(