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Starting a new lighter mold after stupidly ruining the first one.

Starting the long routing process

Its going to be a long day...

Now we are getting somewhere.

All the roughing is done. Now to smooth it all down.

Smoothed down and adding one of the extensions. 45 degree bevel with an arc that is 2 inches on 8 feet.

Close up of the wire I used to hold the curve in the foam sheets while the glue sets.

New Mold ready for some smoothing after fixing a few voids.

side view showing the side supports.

Here you can see the compound curve

Supports all glued in place

Starting the layup 2oz mat making some cuts for the curves.

Spray adhesive was the way to go. Adding the 9oz cloth.

peel ply on @ $1,000,000 per yard. Seriously almost 8USD/yard does it have to be so high? Looking for alternative.

starting the vac

Starting to think there is not enough bag lengthwise to get between the supports. :(